Usher Assignments


November 2019 – October 2020  




1st Sunday       --Bud Bonsor, Jane Bonsor, Diane Stull


2nd Sunday    --Candi Gibson, Mark Gibson, Ann Hammond


3rd Sunday     --Shirley Bryan, JoAnn Locklear, Lindsey Lyders


4th Sunday    --Bruce Johnson, Jo Johnson, Terri Noell


5th Sunday    --Mike Collins, Pam Collins, Diane Stull


Wednesdays --Candi Gibson, Mark Gibson, Paul Stull


Thanksgiving--Candi Gibson, Mark Gibson, Diane Stull



If you need a substitute, please arrange to switch with another usher. If you cannot arrange a switch, please call/text Diane Stull / 850 384-1986. See the bulletin board (located by the water fountain), or church binder in the Reading Room for instructions / duties of ushers. Thank you for serving in our church.

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