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Arrive as close to 10 a.m. as possible.

After unlocking the doors, turn off the alarm by punching in the code (1866) on the keypad and press enter.  

           To turn off the doorbell sound, punch CMD and the number 6 then enter. Smith Security may call; code is 1866 and your name.

Readings-scripture/verse, MBE writings, Daily Prayer, hymns

Before the church service begins:

  1. Turn on light switch (below the alarm keypad.)

  2. Check the temperature on the thermostat.

  3. Turn up the slide light switch (below the thermostat) to turn on Reading Room lights.

  4. Check the hymn numbers (posted at the computer) and change the hymn numbers if needed.

  5. Turn on the power strip for big black speakers, then turn on speakers (on the backside.)

  6. Take the church sign outside.

  7. Computer set up –ready for hymns. Turn on computer speakers located on the bookshelf to the right of the computer.

  8. Get collection bags out.

  9. Hand out quarterlies as you greet people.

  10. By 10:25 a.m., setup phone for the conference call HD. Just before service is to start, place the phone on lectern under speaker beside 2nd Reader. Press the speakerphone button on the phone.  

Stay in foyer area until the second hymn, and then be seated at the back pews. Be conscious of specific needs for the congregation during the service.

Take the collection after the Lesson-Sermon. Place both bags on the table in the back.

After the service:

  1. Both ushers count the collection, prepare a written tally in ink, place collection and tally in the red deposit bag and give the bag to the Treasurer or Treasurer’s designee. Put up the collection bags.

  2. Turn off black speakers and power strip. Turn off the speakers at the computer. Close the computer lid.

  3. Thermostat -- lowered or raised according to weather. Slide the slide lightswitch down to turn off the reading room lights.

  4. Church sign brought in.

  5. Phone off and back on its cradle.

  6. Lights off. Alarm set. (Door has to be closed to set alarm.) Go out and key lock the door.